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Psychological system DEMWIN

The effectivenes of psychological activity, the precision of the analysis and the possibility of competent psychoregulating intervention in sports are determined to a great extent by the level of automation of psychological investigations. The programme complex "DEMWIN" aims to solve these problems to a great extent. It is an integrated package of applied programmes organized on tests with the following functions:
  • Psychodiagnostics - It is designed for fulfilment of the concrete test by the investigated person without the demand this one to be with special qualification. The tests in the system are arranged in groups according to their purpose and specific character. Two basic groups are distinguished. Tests with specialized application in sports activity and tests with general psychological function. They are also divided into subgroups for more precize information ( psychological and physiological methods, methods for examining the mutual relations, investigating the motivation, intelegence tests, agressive predisposition etc. )
  • Selection - It is designed for selecting a definite group of investigated persons on the basis of data after a definite sign indication, presented on the screen of the display and recording on a working file with the purpose of doing further statistic processing.
  • Statistics - This modulus is designed for performing basic statistic procedures with the results of persons selected in advance after a definite sign indication.
  • Rating - It is designed for rating the concrete investigated person and other investigated persons according to a norm, created on the basis of a group selected in advance.рамният комплекс DEMWIN-2.01 е предназначен за компютъризация на психологически методики от всякакво естество в зависимост от предпочитанията на клиента, тяхното автоматизирано провеждане, обработка и анализ, особено подходящ за подбор и диагностициране на персонал.

Видове тестове
Невербални методики
Психофизиологични методики
  • Advantages

- The system allows fast and efficient diagnosis and analysis of time-consuming psychological tests;
- Increases the quality of the analysis based on the available options for selection and statistics;
- It avoids the extreme inconvenience of the apparatus tests for working in the same place and as a rule with one examined person. In the presence of a computer, the program system enables research to be conducted at any place and at the same time with more researched persons;
- Tedious and tedious repairs of equipment are avoided;
- It is possible to computerize specific, specialized user tests;
Important clarification - The author develops computerized modules for conducting and processing psychological tests based on the Demetra-Sai computer system. The specific tests are provided for computerization by the client, who bears all responsibility to the test authors!

  • Installation

The installation of the system is carried out on the computer systems specified by the user, the number of which is determined according to the concluded production contract. The user is provided with an installation disk, manual and one HASP (parallel, USB) for hardware protection of the system. The advantages of HASP are that the user can install the software product on an unlimited number of computers to run on, placing the hardware protection device.

Note: Delivery time for hardware protection devices varies from 20 days to 1 month.
A one-day training is conducted for the persons authorized to work with the system specified by the user. In case the user wants a more advanced training course with the system, the price of the course is determined by agreement. When conducting the course outside the capital, the user bears the travel expenses in accordance with the existing regulatory documents.

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DEMWIN Relax psychological training system

Welcome to the DEMWIN Relax psychological training system
In sports, the ability to control the emotional states is extremely important and is a prerequisite for overcoming pre-start tensions. Building these skills is an extreamly difficult process even for the advanced. This system was developed for sport shooters but can be used by anyone who wishes to achieve mental improvement. The system is not just a Power Point presentation, but a training aid for consciously achieving desired emotional states. The system allows the activation of the pictures and the musical accompaniment to happen independently or automatically in a random order. It usually starts individually with selected states, and in the more advanced ones it randomly switches from one state to another. The system is open and allows the subject to personally determine the picture, the musical accompaniment, and the duration of the presentation of each state.

We wish you GOOD LUCK!

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