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Foreign language software
DEMLANG Computer System

The DEMLANG computer system was developed with the idea of supporting the study of words in the English language, as well as irregular verbs in terms of their writing, transcription and pronunciation. The examined person can conduct tests with the whole set of words or a part of them, and the system evaluates it in a way accepted in language high schools.
The system is developed in two versions - commercial and free. Commercial versions are developed on the basis of the customer's order, according to the system by which he is trained, if this is a private person, or by which he trains others, if this is a school or educational institution.

DEMESP Computer System

I would like to present to your attention my latest system DEMESP. It is aimed at people of all ages who are learning Spanish. Its purpose is to help you quickly and easily find verb forms in any tense and conjugation. You can set a verb in the infinitive and specify the tenses in which it should be conjugated or get a complete list of its forms in all tenses. Also, if you have difficulty determining a certain conjugated form (for example, what is its tense or infinitive) you can use my program to identify the relevant information. For your convenience, each verb has its translation in Bulgarian, English and Russian, and in case the verb is indicated in any of the three languages, its Spanish translation will be found immediately. The program contains about 10,000 verbs (infinitives) and over 800,000 forms in total.

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